Community Development

Please note that information on this website is provided as a convenience. There may have been recent changes which have not yet been updated on this site. Please contact the Town Office for specific requirements.
  1. Building Permits

    Access various permits needed for developing buildings in Vineyard.

  2. Development Fees

    View impact fee summaries, the consolidated fee schedule and the building permit fees for the Town of Vineyard.

  3. Development Process Links

    Discover several outside websites that may be helpful in the development process.

  4. Development Review Applications

    Check out applications needed for community development.

  5. Maps

    Discover several maps that display the features of Vineyard.

  6. Ordinances & Code

    Access the town ordinances and town code established for the Town of Vineyard.

  7. Standard Specifications

    View the standard specifications that apply to development in Vineyard.